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Belief in one’s self is paramount to manifesting what one desires. Without belief, one has nothing but doubt and fear.

Trust that you are surrounded continuously by those in spirit who want nothing more than to see you succeed and prosper on every level.
Just as an audience wants the performer to deliver an enthralling performance that allows them to feel exhilarated and enriched by their experience. They don’t want to cringe and crawl from the theatre feeling embarrassed and left wanting.
Deliver your finest work at all times.
Magic is what transforms one from average to truly splendid.
Connect to your true self – your divinity – and watch the transformation.

No-one can take your spirit/soul from you.
”No one can slight the spirit in you.” Thank you Martin Dale.  They cannot diminish your true self because it is just not possible. It is only your ego self that feels harmed, diminished, wounded or affronted in some way.
You have the means and the power to manifest whatever you can imagine, so imagine away.
If you imagine doom and gloom you will get it. If you imagine greatness and prosperity you will get it. It sounds simplistic and it truly is. Trust that what you see and feel is true, in your divinity and guidance from spirit. Ask and you shall be given. Seek and you shall find.
Your knowing of your divinity has been strongly tempered in order to constitute your survival but you no longer need to do that. Be brave and bold enough to stand in your full power at all times.
Test your manifestational power. Focus your thoughts and imaging on something simple and allow it to come to you.
Call us in to assist and then let it be so. You will be astounded by the results.
It is only your dullness of spirit and your unwillingness to shine brightly that keeps you from your true life path. Your fear of being great and how that will somehow bring about negative forces is what holds you in a state of suspension.
How to use the full power of your being is what you need to learn. Now is the time to start.
Invoke the powers that be, to bring to you that which you need and desire. Then stand back and watch the heavens move to make it happen before your very eyes.

Open your mind and your energy centers.  Work daily by cleaning, clearing, healing and meditating on your energy centers.  Imagine yourself a vessel and see it being filled to overflowing with beautiful celestial light from the heavens.  Imagine yourself as a light being, glowing and moving through your world. Everything you touch is healed and filled with light.

Every word you utter brings about an opening of the consciousness in those who hear it.

You can still the ocean or stop a moving vehicle with one thought. These things have been done and are being done daily so they are completely possible.

Now imagine yourself having that kind of power. How would you use it?

Close your eyes and imagine a waterfall of heavenly light pouring down into your head. See it go all the way down into your body, to the tips of your toes.  See your body begin to fill with this light, like a cup or a vessel. Feel it coming up your body, right up to your head until it flows over and down the outside of you, covering and surrounding you and into your auric field.

In this light is everything that you can, will and need to be.

Feel the love and the endlessness of your being. You are now completely connected to every resource you could possibly imagine and those that you have no concept of.

Ask this heavenly divine light to bring to you what you truly need and desire and it is with you now.

Your cup runneth over.

It is your limitations that hold you in a state of poverty and victim-hood.  When you live with your limitations, which have been placed upon you by others who also live in this state, then you have no choice but to bring forward the ego self who will argue for your limitations and feel the need to compete and fight for your survival.

Your divine self knows no limitations. It lives in complete boundlessness and abundance.  It needs nothing from any other person or soul, because it knows that it has access to everything itself.

And that cannot be taken away by another for their own aggrandizement.

But first you must have belief in a higher power. You must truly believe. Without faith and belief, you will always only pretend and never truly commit to the practice; by letting go and allowing yourself the greatness of feeling, your spirit will fill you with healing light and joy.

You cannot have the full bounty of your being until you give yourself over to the light and allow it to consume your every living fibre, cell, thought and feeling.

It requires no less than complete surrender of the ego and total commitment to your souls purpose.

May you always shine brightly.



My mother told me once that my bladder was far too close to my eyes. To translate that into people speak, I cry at the drop of a hat.   I feel everything.  I mean everything.  I am super sensitive and always have been.

I pick up on people’s feelings. I feel everyone’s stuff.  I can see both sides of everything.

My kids have said to me when I have been telling them some tale from my day or life,  that I give them one side of the issue and then flip completely to say how I can see the other side and both are equally valid.

That puzzled me too for a long time until I realised that part of my life’s work and mission here on planet Earth was to have an overview of life.  The reason for this was to help others see the bigger picture of their lives and that this life was not a punishment or to be endured but as a gift from God.

That there being here was no accident and that this lifetime was a choice they made along with higher beings in spirit so that they could continue their souls journey to enlightenment.

At times it has been both a blessing and a curse. Seeing both sides of an argument means that it is difficult to take sides and that is usually what people expect you to do.

Instead I would offer words of wisdom from an omnipresent point of view, which doesn’t always go down well when the  ‘offeree’  chooses not to see anything other than their own angle on an issue. I have shed quite a few people from my life with this GIFT that pervades my existence.

What is it, about our need to be RIGHT?

There has been much written and said in recent years about how those we encounter in our lives are there to teach us.  This I know to be true.  Most often it is not pretty what we do to each other to learn the lessons that will help our soul to grow, but that is what we agree to do before we come here.

I have said those same words to many people. I said them even before I knew what they meant and I am still learning.

My eldest child Andrew was the first recipient of my insight into such matters.

When things were not going well, which often they weren’t and he would rightly or otherwise let me know that he was displeased with me, I would say to him, “Well you chose me. What did you chose me for?”

Being a teenager he was not that enamoured with my challenge to him and I can understand that.

In later years, while working in Japan, he had a dream and called me in the wee small hours of the morning to tell me that I was right about him choosing me.

I have to confess that I had no idea at that time why I said those words to him. I realise now that they were coming from a higher place, my soul memory, as I was, without knowing, remembering that we had done this all before and here we were again having chosen each other to learn love and grow together at this time.

In 2000 I was asked without prior warning, to take my first funeral service as a Funeral Celebrant.  When telling my mother about this wonderful opportunity she looked a little shocked and said, “How are you going to manage that?  Your bladder is far too close to your eyes. You cry at the drop of a hat.”

I have to say that I have come very close so many times over the past 13 years. How can you not be touched by the pain and suffering of people when they have lost someone so near and dear.            But instead of my empathy and sensitivity working against me it has been completely on my side throughout my work and is now my best friend when working not only as a celebrant but as a living guide, teacher and LightPath Journey Therapist

What seemed to be a curse is actually a gift and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Approximately 20 minutes before the fateful phone call to take my first service, I received what I call a ‘download’ from spirit.  It’s often what happens when they have something they need me to know and it sends me rushing for paper and pen so that I can transcribe their message.  It always comes whole and complete and is profoundly poignant as spirit always are. Their pearls of wisdom have many layers and have been unfolding to become my life and my work.

I will leave you with their words…. Keep shining brightly.


One day before I came here I looked in upon your lives and decided, “I want to live in your house.”

I watched without you knowing and you also without knowing watched for me.  Then one day when the time was right, I came to live within you and you within me. Then I came to live in your house and you in mine.

I chose you because you weren’t perfect and that meant I didn’t have to be.  I chose you because you could teach me about love all kinds – how to love, what is love and what is not love.  I chose you because I could observe you together and apart and see how it is done and not done.  I chose you because you reminded me daily of what I  came here for.  I chose you because you also chose me for all of the reasons that I have just mentioned.

Ours is a relationship chosen by two or more souls to grow and love and grow some more and now it is time for me to leave you as I have achieved all that I came here to do and you must go on.  Remember what I said in the beginning; I came here looked in upon your lives and decided I wanted to live in your house; I am always in your house and you in mine.  We are never separate for love in eternal and souls never die we just change form.

To you my beloveds my heartfelt thanks; you have changed me irrevocably forever. My soul will be forever better because of our relationship.

Do your grieving for the loss of my body.  Weep and wail and gnash and scream and cry for parting is so hard and heavy on the mind, but know that I am just a thought away at any time.  Then one day when the time is right we will do this again you and I and you may perhaps leave first and I will experience the loss.  Until that time – life goes on.  ‘Till we meet again.  I love you always.

Copyright. Olwynne Cade 2000.

Well John Cleese….I really am Welsh and proud of it.


It’s official!

After 55 years of telling people that I am not Welsh, in reply to their query about the origins of my name – Olwynne, I can now say, with great pride – Yes! I am Welsh.

So how did this come about and how did I not know this important piece of information for 55 years? Life is a journey of unfolding mysteries.

Like all good journeys there are many paths that were traveled to reach this point, with twists and turns along the way.

Let me explain….

Throughout this lifetime I have felt different – I didn’t fit in with the norm.

One of my many conscious thoughts about not fitting in, was that I had a funny name, which people couldn’t and in some cases still can’t, pronounce and spell.

Not only was it a difficult name to spell but to add to the challenge, my mother added an extra ‘n’ and ‘e’ just for good measure.

Until adulthood I never found another living soul who had the name Olwynne.

To add to my confusion people would ask with regular monotony was I ‘Welsh’? I would reply that I had no Welsh heritage; my mother just liked the name.

As the years went by I found that I had a fondness for Wales and loved to hear the Welsh accent. Until my recent discovery I wondered whether I might have been trying to associate it with my name’s origin, and was satisfied at some level by that possibility.

The next layer of this journey is set back in the time of King Arthur and the isle of Avalon.

Arthur, Merlin, Guenevere, Vivian and Avalon have held my fascination for years.  I even played Guenevere in the musical ‘Camelot’ in 1983.

In 1988 I had an out-of-body experience that changed my life  and from that time on Wales, England, Avalon, Merlin and Arthur featured and continue to feature heavily on my pathway. The legends of Camelot and Avalon are in my heart and mind regularly. In fact, I have been writing a book since 1990 which is set in that time.

Until 10 days ago I had become stuck as to the setting of my story, trying for years to place it in Britain in and around Glastonbury, which is said to be the seat of Avalon. Now I know where my story is set and why I have struggled to see it in its entirety.

map of Anglesey

In the true nature of synchronicity, a future monarch of Great Britain and Wales was to play his part in my discovery, when in 2010 Prince William of Wales took a position with RAF Search & Rescue based in Anglesey, Wales.

I don’t remember how his appointment came to my attention, I just know that from that moment on, whenever I heard the name Anglesey, it would light up my mind; a warmth and excitement would come over me. So off I went to Google Maps and looked it up to discover, it was a large island off the west coast of Wales. Seeing the island felt familiar, as if I already knew where and what it was and was just remembering it again after a long absence. I felt quite emotional about discovering Anglesey’s presence. How had I not known about it all these years I asked myself?

Well now I did. The question that permeated my discovery was, “why did I feel so strongly about this Welsh island?”

To add to the mystery, every time I thought about Anglesey I heard the words in my mind – The Holy Isle.  On hearing these words my heart would expand, bringing a warmth and excitement with it. The Holy Isle – Avalon?  Merlin?  Ambrosius? Arthur?  Their names seemed to come with the words, but there was more to it as well. Another layer that I just couldn’t access; a missing piece to the puzzle.

I love reading and have devoured many books throughout my life. I don’t just read any old thing, instead books seem to come to my attention and in the past months I have been experiencing a drought in this area. I wasn’t concerned by the absence of reading material as I have been occupied by so much else; my work as a teacher, guide and therapist in the Reincarnation/Past Lives, Conscious Living field.

But things were about to change…

During the 2013 Christmas break, my dear hubby Jon was on call as a Contract Embalmer and received a callout to attend a case that needed his expert attention.  I decided to go with him, which was not something I had done for many months previous.

As we were about to leave I felt the need to take a book with me and just as this thought arrived, I saw in my minds eyes, a book I had on my shelf. It was of course about reincarnation and the title is

Reincarnation – True Stories of Past Lives by Roy Stemman.  I felt that this was significant enough to follow the lead, so I extracted it from the book case and took it with me, along with my little note book I carry everywhere.

The next morning I began reading, making notes of leads to follow and relevant information that could assist me in my own studies and work.

Later, I went out to my workroom to research these leads on the internet and found myself as I refer to it, ‘following the rabbit down the hole’. I went to many places and eventually ended up on a site which talked of ‘The Druids of Anglesey and The Isle of Man’.  There it was again!

My heart began to race and I felt as if another piece of the puzzle had fallen into place.  I had read much about the Druids, but this information had evaded my radar until now.  Just then the phone rang and it was my sister Barbara.  We talked about many things until somehow the conversation made its way to our great grandmother. Barbara said, “Our great grandmother came from Wales.” I was stunned. Immediately I thought, ‘she came from Anglesey’, but I didn’t voice it at the time.

Barbie sent me an email with the info and sure enough, our maternal great grandmother came from Anglesey, Wales.  Not only did she come from Anglesey, she was born in Holyhead, which in an island, a Channels breadth off the island of Anglesey and is known as the Holy Island.  My heart sang.  The pieces were falling into place.  I felt hugely excited, overwhelmed with joy, and finally whole. I had made sense out of so many of my thoughts and feelings throughout my life.

As well as my Welsh roots, I am also Irish, English and Scottish and a mix of wherever these lines of lineage they are derived from and let’s not forget that I am a New Zealander and extremely proud of that.

As for the connection to Arthurian times, it was as if I could see them all, ancestors, myth and legend along with my great grandmother, all standing in front of me saying – “Well there you go then. You have finally found your way here. Welcome home.”

holy island anglesey

Now to Mr Cleese…

John Cleese and company on stage in New Zealand tour 2005.

John Cleese and company on stage in New Zealand tour 2005.

In December 2005 John Cleese toured New Zealand with his production, ‘John Cleese — His Life, Times and Current Medical Problems’.

I had been working as a crew member for professional theatrical touring companies and had recently worked as a dresser on the touring play, ‘Then Comes Love’, starring Zoe Lucker and Shane Cortese.  The Stage Manager must have liked my work as he recommended me to work in wardrobe with the John Cleese show on the Christchurch leg of the tour.

I rocked up to the Isaac Theatre Royal with excitement and anticipation expecting to meet up with the head of wardrobe only to find that there was no such person. In fact that person was me.  That’s when the nerves really set in.  I was ushered into a large dressing room which was full of boxes, trunks and bags etc. and as I always do, I pulled up my sleeves and just got on with it.

A couple of hours later I was ironing this large Ralph Lauren shirt, the property of Mr Cleese, and was interrupted by a voice that we all know so well.

“Hello. Who are you?”

I took a deep breath, checked that my chin was not hanging embarrassingly on my chest and looked up to see the man himself standing to my left, a kind but quizzical look  on his face.

“I am Olwynne”, I replied, “Your wardrobe mistress.”

He then said what so many others had said throughout my life – “Olwynne? You are not welsh are you?”

To which I replied as always – “No. I am not.”

He then stated with great emphasis – “Good. My parents hated the Welsh.”

I would expect no less from this a man.

Well Mr Cleese… I hope you get to read this someday…. I am at last Welsh and very, very proud of it!

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